Faucet Replacement & Repair Services in San Francisco, CA

Have you ever been driven to the brink of insanity by the relentless, rhythmic drip of a leaky faucet? That slow, maddening sound seems to echo through your home, making you question your sanity. What you might not realize, however, is that this seemingly innocent annoyance could be the precursor to more significant problems. A simple leaky faucet could lead to wasted water, increased utility bills, and even potential water damage to your home’s structure. This is where Chosen Rooter & Plumbing comes in. We offer faucet replacement and repair services in San Francisco, CA, to keep your bathroom and kitchen plumbing running smoothly and efficiently.

Our Service Area: Bringing Solutions to Your Neighborhood 

At Chosen Rooter & Plumbing, we proudly serve the entire San Francisco area, including:

  • Daly City, CA
  • San Bruno, CA
  • San Mateo, CA
  • San Rafael, CA
  • Corte Madera, CA
  • Burlingame, CA
  • South San Francisco, CA
  • Mill Valley, CA
  • Sausalito, CA

Our commitment to excellence knows no boundaries, and we will provide faucet repair and replacement services to ensure your peace of mind.

As an important fixture in your kitchen, the faucet can either make or break your daily routine. Depending on its functionality, it can provide a seamless flow of water for washing dishes, or it can make a simple task like cleaning your hands before a meal a challenge. If you’re tired of the poor performance of your faucet, turn to our team for a kitchen faucet repair. Our San Francisco-based plumbing company can also assist you in picking out the best faucet to fit your needs and install it in a timely manner if you prefer an upgrade.

Bathroom faucets are frequently used and need to be fully functional to allow for daily hand washing, teeth brushing, and more. When you have a broken or leaky faucet, your day starts and ends in frustration. Fortunately, our highly trained and trusted plumbers offer bathroom faucet replacement services in San Francisco, CA. Call us to schedule an appointment, and we’ll restore the flow of your bathroom faucets.

Bathrooms are chock full of plumbing fixtures, from spa tubs to faucets. If your newly remodeled home is ready for the final fixtures to be installed or a broken bathroom sink needs repair, call a local Bay Area plumbing company you can trust to do the job right. Our team takes pride in offering some of the best residential and commercial bathroom plumbing services  in San Francisco. Rated one of the top Yelp plumbers for our reliable work and affordable prices, you can rest assured our plumbing contractors provide quality plumbing services that won’t break the bank. Call us today, and we’ll send out one of our highly skilled local plumbers to repair or install any of the fixtures in your bathroom.

When you think of plumbing, your garden spigot or other outdoor fixtures most likely come to mind last. However, your outdoor plumbing pipes, faucets, sinks, spigots, and sprinkler systems are susceptible to many of the same problems you encounter with indoor plumbing. Outdoor plumbing fixtures frequently face issues with freezing, leaking, mineral build-up, and clogging that require repairs to be performed by a trusted plumber.

Whether you have an entire outdoor kitchen for summertime entertaining or a single sprinkler to water your grass, properly functioning outdoor plumbing is crucial to your outdoor fun. At Chosen Rooter & Plumbing, we understand your outdoor areas are an extension of your home. We work diligently to provide the best outdoor plumbing services in San Francisco, so all you have to worry about is planning your next backyard barbecue.

Highly Qualified Plumbing Experts

Our team of highly qualified plumbing experts possesses the experience, knowledge, and skills to tackle any faucet-related issue that comes their way. Whether it’s a bathroom faucet, a kitchen sink, or a laundry sink, we’ve got you covered. Our professionals are equipped with the proper tools and techniques to swiftly diagnose the problem, provide effective solutions, and restore your faucet’s optimal function.

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Our Easy & Effective Process

At Chosen Rooter & Plumbing, we’ve streamlined the faucet repair and replacement process for your convenience. From diagnosing the issue to providing effective solutions, our expert plumbers ensure a hassle-free experience. Whether it’s a stubborn leak, reduced water flow, or a complete faucet replacement, our easy process guarantees swift and efficient results, restoring your peace of mind and the functionality of your plumbing.

Chosen Rooter & Plumbing's Advantages

We take ownership for our work

With our long-term plumbing solutions, we guarantee the highest level of quality and provide warranties for your peace of mind.

We are cost-efficient and ethical

Our mission is to deliver the best quality plumbing services at affordable prices to our entire San Francisco community!

We don't take shortcuts

We do everything according to the plumbing safety code, use the best materials and allocate the required time to do the job right.

We offer prompt and convenient scheduling

We understand how busy life can get and a plumbing emergency shouldn't prevent you from living your life.

We educate our customer on the process

We don't just finish the job and leave; we make sure that our customers fully understand the process, answer all their questions and provide them with useful plumbing tips.

We are professional and courteous

Our team always arrives in our company's distinctive vehicles, wears professional uniforms, booties, gloves and protective masks.

How It Works

Fix your plumbing problems in 3 easy steps. It all starts with one phone call. Let us show you how easy it is.

Go Back To Living Life

Get back to living your life without worrying about plumbing problems.

Fix your plumbing issue

Once the job & price are mutually agreed on, our plumbing experts will completely repair whatever was broken & back it up with a 90 Day Warranty.

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We’ll listen carefully to what you need and send you a highly- trained expert. Our plumbers will assess the situation & give you an up-front quote, with no hidden fees.

Schedule Faucet Replacement Services Today

Chosen Rooter & Plumbing can help you say goodbye to annoying leaky faucets and prevent water damage with our exceptional faucet replacement services in San Francisco, CA, and the neighboring communities, including Daly City, San Bruno, San Mateo, San Rafael, Corte Madera, Burlingame, South San Francisco, Mill Valley, and Sausalito, CA. Our professional plumbers are dedicated to solving your faucet woes and ensuring your home’s plumbing is in top shape. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and receive a free estimate for your faucet repair or replacement needs.

Signs You Need a Faucet Repair

A malfunctioning faucet can quickly turn from a minor annoyance into a major plumbing issue. Recognizing the signs that your faucet needs repair can save you from the headache of costly water damage and unnecessary expenses. Keep an eye out for these telltale signs that it’s time to call for faucet repair and replacement services in San Francisco, CA:

  • Persistent Dripping or Leaking: A constant drip not only wastes water but can also lead to higher water bills. Don’t ignore that nagging sound; it’s a clear indicator of a faulty faucet.
  • Reduced Water Flow: If your once-strong water flow has weakened to a trickle, it’s a sign that something is obstructing the water’s path. A professional faucet repair can swiftly address this issue.
  • Inconsistent Water Temperature: Fluctuations between hot and cold water could be due to a malfunctioning faucet cartridge or other internal components that need repair or replacement.
  • Strange Noises: Gurgling, hissing, or clanking sounds coming from your kitchen or bathroom faucet might indicate air or sediment build-up. A thorough inspection and repair can resolve these noises.
  • Visible Corrosion or Rust: Corroded or rusted components not only look unsightly but can also impact the faucet’s functionality. A faucet repair or replacement can prevent further deterioration.
  • Broken Handles: If turning the faucet handle feels stiff, loose, or uneven, it’s a sign of wear and tear. Ignoring this can lead to more extensive issues down the line.
  • Leaks Around the Base: Water pooling around the base of the faucet is a sign of hidden leaks that need immediate attention.

Our skilled plumbers are equipped to diagnose and resolve these issues promptly, ensuring your faucets work flawlessly once again. Don’t let faulty faucets disrupt your routine or drain your wallet — contact us for reliable faucet repair and replacement services in San Francisco, CA.

Troubleshooting Tips for a Leaking Faucet

Dealing with a leaky faucet can be a frustrating experience, but before you call in the professionals for a faucet installation or repair, consider trying these troubleshooting tips to save time and potential expenses:

  • Tighten Loose Connections: Check all visible connections, such as handles and valves, to ensure they are properly tightened. Sometimes, a loose connection can cause leaks.
  • Inspect the Washer: A worn-out or damaged washer is a common cause of leaks. Turn off the water supply, disassemble the faucet, and inspect the washer for signs of wear. Replace if necessary.
  • Examine the O-Rings: O-rings are small rubber rings that can degrade over time, leading to leaks around the faucet handle. Replace them to prevent dripping.
  • Check for Debris: Sediment and debris can clog the faucet’s components, affecting its performance. Disassemble the faucet and clean all parts before reassembling.

While these troubleshooting tips can help mitigate minor leaks, some issues require the expertise of professional bathroom and kitchen plumbing services . If your efforts don’t resolve the problem or you’re unsure about the repair process, don’t hesitate to reach out to Chosen Rooter & Plumbing for efficient and reliable faucet repair and installation. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your faucets work flawlessly, restoring peace and functionality to your home

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