Chosen Rooter & Plumbing's Achievements

Our company provides high-quality plumbing services in San Francisco, and we are very appreciative of people and services that leave their feedback and reviews. 

The company’s rigorous 12-step company certification process is the most reliable anywhere. Diamond Certified surveys a large, random sample of REAL customers by telephone to get the most accurate rating and verify that only actual customers are responding. By surveying from a company’s entire customer base, they ensure the results of their study, good or bad, truly represent the company’s customer satisfaction level. All responses for each Diamond Certified company are displayed on its Diamond Certified Company Report page. finds and reviews the top service professionals in over 200 industries across the U.S. Each month, we research more than 60,000 businesses to help customers find the best-qualified professional for their needs. Our research process is always evolving to keep up with industry changes, so we’re confident that when we say a provider is one of the best, it is.

BBB Accreditation Standards represent standards for business accreditation by BBBs in North America.

These standards are based on BBB’s determination of the attributes of a better business. They incorporate not only lawful business practices, but also BBB’s experience with ethical advertising, selling and customer experiences. For a business to qualify for BBB Accreditation, it must continually meet these standards. Not all businesses will qualify for BBB Accreditation.

Chosen Rooter & Plumbing has five stars rating on the Yelp platform, and 180+ customers left feedback about completed projects by our team. Yelp is a great platform where everyone can leave their honest feedback.

Chosen Rooter & Plumbing has five stars rating on the Google Reviews platform, and 80+ customers left feedback about completed projects by our team. Google Reviews is a helpful platform where everyone can leave honest feedback about any service and company.

Our Mission

We restore your comfort by providing affordable, reliable and knowledgeable plumbing services in the San Francisco Bay Area, because you don’t have to lose your sleep over plumbing issues.

Client Testimonials

Let our satisfied customers tell you why you should choose our service for your plumbing needs. Happy customers speak to our commitment to a job well done.